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Women’s Fresh Perspectives Dinner – Creating a path to diversity

Join us on Monday 16th May and kick off PMA Fresh Connections in style! Our opening event for 2016 is the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Dinner being held at The Jetty, South Bank and will motivate and inspire you for the week ahead!

This year, our theme is ‘Creating a path to Diversity’ – chosen to make us reflect on how we can improve our industry through workplace diversity.

Workplace diversity is more than just achieving a workforce that reflects the broader Australian and New Zealand community. It is about recognising and valuing individual differences and creating an inclusive and productive work environment that benefits both the individuals and the organisations.


Meet the Minister and the Director-General for Agriculture and Fisheries

We are thrilled to announce that the Honourable Leanne Donaldson, Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Dr Beth Woods, Director-General of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will be attending the Women’s Fresh Perspective Dinner. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with these influential women as they join us for a wonderful evening of inspirational stories and networking.


Speaking about Diversity…

Women’s Fresh Perspectives delegates will hear from Alice Gorman and Gen Windley from the Just Veg. brand and Richard Gorman, CEO of Kalfresh Vegetables on how incorporating diversity into the business plan helped to drive sales, increase ideas and innovations, build new customer relations and enhance the business’s reputation.

After realising that the Kalfresh Vegetables management team was man-centric, the organisation addressed the ‘bloke problem’ by established a team of farmers’ wives from diverse professional backgrounds to form a Customer Focus Team. This team was tasked to assist the organisation to connect with female shoppers, reduce food waste and value-add the company’s core crops. As a result, this group of professional women created and developed the Just Veg. brand and launched a range of pre-cut snacking carrots in September 2015 using so-called ‘ugly veg’ or ‘seconds’ that would usually not make it past the packing shed.

Register for the Women’s Fresh Perspectives dinner and hear how the Just Veg. ladies built a 100-fold increase in value for their ‘ugly carrots’ from a paltry $50 a tonne as stock feed, to the value added seconds pulling in an incredible $5000 a tonne!


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